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>> Welcome to Badger Biomedical

Badger Biomedical was formed in 2010 to provide high quality equipment services at
a reasonable price to the healthcare and scientific communities in Wisconsin and
neighboring states. Through our work ethic and leadership of our top notch
educational institutions, the Midwest is rapidly becoming world renowned for
innovation in these fields.

The objective of Badger Biomedical is to create long term partnerships with local biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
We strive to create strong partnerships as they discover, test and bring to market the medical technologies of the future. We understand
the unique equipment challenges our clients face, especially if they are working in a regulated environment. Many companies do not have
the in-house expertise or appropriate test equipment to properly calibrate, validate and maintain their high tech equipment. As a result,
they are forced to use the equipment manufacturers for these services. If the Manufacturer is unable to respond in a timely fashion, this
can end up being very costly to the client, in both rates charged and excessive down time. Badger Biomedical meets this challenge by
providing local support at rates appropriate for the Midwest. When it comes time to purchase new equipment, you can count on our non-
biased opinion. As a truly independent service company, our equipment opinions and preferences are rooted in our extensive experience
with a wide range of manufacturers. 

With over 35 years of combined experience, we know how to keep your equipment
running and in compliance. We look forward to working with you to meet the unique
equipment needs of your facility.

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